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Titra. Smart, simple, open source.

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A modern, responsive user interface makes time tracking an experience.
No more distraction.

Open Source

Our source code is available to the general public for use or modification.
Be part of it.


Track time together with ease and make your progress transparent.
Satisfy you clients now.

FIVE fabulous reasons to track your time with TITRA.


Free as in free beer. Titra costs nothing in the monetary sense. Therefore, it's a gift to you that does not additionally burden your narrow purse. Sweet! - Isn't it? All in all, the app falls under the Beer-Ware-License-Model. Check out more.


In its use, Titra is extremely simple and intuitive. With a few mouse clicks, projects can be created, tasks entered and finally handed over to the client. No more annoying search operations for hidden functions.


With its open spaces and reduced design, Titra's user interface looks clean and uncluttered at a first glance. In short, it is super sleek, fully responsive, amazingly flexible and has an incredible eye candy factor.


From freelancers to little startup companies, Titra is the visual way to track your time spent in individual or team projects. It runs regardless of any platform in your web browser and updates and analyzes all entered times in real time.


Work together through problems, move ideas forward, and learn from each other along the way. Started as an open source alternative to commercial timetracking software - we are glad in contributing ideas from other people.

Fabian Kromer

😸 Cat person, managing projects since 2011 with despair and passion.

Marek Bartos

Uses code as soap for the brain to clean each typeof clarity.

Stefan Hofer

Pixel pusher, generally working the market and making ideas look pretty.

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